I’m Out Songtext
von Danny Brown

I’m Out Songtext

I had to be like 15
My dog ain't have his ills but copped a Cutlass Supreme
Clean from an old white dude, he got a deal
And at the gas station where he got killed
Late night filling up, niggas shot him up
Asleep when the call came, news when I woke up
17 car-jacked, dead at the Mobil
I swear I shed a tear every time I see a photo
Now I'm all grown up same spot cop Swishers
Old school Chevy check the rear view mirror
Give a bum a buck, show the lil niggas love
Pocket full of kush, so I hit 'em with a nug
My homie left the hood, I ain't seen him in a minute
Pull up smoking reggie with his bitch in a rental
He said "I just got out" and can I let him hold something
I told him that I'm broke, man I ain't got nothing

And I'm out (Aight then)
In a '87 Cutty 'bout to go pick up a light skin
And I'm out (Aight then)
Blowing on some kush the color Minnesota Viking
And I'm out (Aight then)
Catch me swooping up a freak and I'm knowing how my night ends
And I'm out (Aight then)
Saying killa has some lightning, pipe blue or pipe thin

See this is all we know
Just running 'round the hood dog with nowhere to go
Wanna grab some Swishers but the narcs at the store
So we parked at my man's, put the chronic on hold
So now we just posting, drinking on some 40's
My nigga got his 40 said drop him at his shorty's
Told my nigga chill, 'bout to roll one with hash
Soon as the hook leave then my nigga we can smash
All in rotation, puff-puff passing
Eyes like cherries through magnifying glasses
Think I got the munchies, my nigga, you hungry?
'Bout to run to Cork Town grab us some munchies
The blunt turned to ash, gave a dap and laughed
Drunk the rest of the 40, threw the bottle in the trash
Made sure I had my phone, grabbed a square out the pack
Gave my homie that, jumped in the Cutty then I smashed

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