Another Way Songtext
von Daniel Schuhmacher

Another Way Songtext

It's not too late
I don't have to disapprove
It's not too late
Still you're caught on broken dreams
It's not too late
I distract you from your fears
It's not too late
Let me see your troubled mind
I keep strong to break the distance
Longings reaching deeper than before
To echo in your heart

I'm gonna find another way
To spin around you
I'm waiting for another day
To get this breakthrough
I want you
And I need you
I won't be giving in until I find it
Someday will tell your heart to stay
I will find another way

Don't make me wait
Fire's physically revealed
I won't escape
I've been learning to hold on
Stop to create
Any doubts you hide away
It's not too late
You're still close but still out of reach
I keep strong
To avert your leaving
Raw emotion deeper than before
Still I'm slipping through your heart

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