Healing Love Songtext
von Curtis Salgado

Healing Love Songtext

Believe me when I tell you
I always thought I'd be alone
And I'd never found that special girl
Someone I could call my own
You lifted me up
Like you were sent from above
And you save me from myself

With your love
Your healing love
That's with a love girl
Healing love

Baby I remember
The night you told me all your fears
You opened up your heart to me
Yes, you did
And I wiped away all of the tears
And I held you close like I was sent from above
And I thank you from your self with my love

Our healing love
That's all I want baby
My healing love
Ooh yeah

I don't wanna think about
What have might of being
If you never came my way
'Cause there's no doubt
I'd be down and out
Instead of holding you today
Oh yeah

Together oh forever
Never gonna leave your side
I want you oh and I need you
I've got to have you in my life
Because you're the one
I've always dreamed of
So let's wrap ourselves up in this love
So let's wrap ourselves up in our love

Our healing love
Oh love
Healing love baby
Such a good thing to you
My healing love

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