Now You're Gone Songtext
von Curtis Mayfield

Now You're Gone Songtext

RE GONE By Curtis Meyfield
Now you're gone Now you're gone You hurt me bad I'm all too sad I didn't know I love you so Now you're gone Now you're gone.
Now you're gone You had a plan Another man Went off to hide I could have died (Now you're gone) Now you're gone (Now you're gone) Now you're gone.
(Let's go to the bridge right here)
What should I do My world is blue It isn't true My life is through Now you're gone Now you gone.
I want you back How do I act How do I make contact How do I get respect.
Now you gone.
And I never loved nobody That's been mean to me I got a heart full of stone And I hate the misery.
And then you And then you And then you And then you came along You spoiled me with (?) And now you gone And now you, you gone.

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