What’s What Songtext
von Curren$y

What’s What Songtext

I'm not new to this I grew in this
Jet pimpin, 420 vision maneuverin
Not injured though limpin when I walk
That's that mack julian who's cooler than
Broke bitches don't waste time pursuin them
I like my chicks speedy bag mini cooperin
Karma loop and shit
I could use you bitch
I see something in you we could blow up like time bombs
If you got an open mind we could post for a moment
But not now
Your homie try'na do a little bit more for ya ma

So it would behoove you to play it cool
Fake quality time with dude
Laugh at his jokes cause he far from broke
Fleecin for his dough
Already sent equipment for us put it in the studio
But we not sure who we know
So we gotta keep it on the low
Keep him in the blind and you could sneak out every night
Get ya back to ya house before the sun come up
I bet homie don't know what's what
Get ya back to ya house before the sun come up
Homie won't know what's what

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