Humble African Songtext
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Humble African Songtext

Aahhhh... humble african

I'm on this land, I trouble no one
My desire is to make no problem with no one
Non-interference, non-political
No matter what you do, I see: I'm blind; and hear: I'm deaf

I'm a humble african, passing through babylon
I'ma humble african, trouble no one
I'm a humble african, some said I'm a rastaman
I'm a humble african, yeah

These little hands and simple fingers that I have
They were not made to pinch nor tear, you hear?
But to move in deeds of kindness, you see?
And to fold in thoughts of prayer to help my brother pray for the betterment of his life, yeah! oh yeah.
It's better to have a friend than to need one
It's better to find a friend than to be in need
Lift up your brother, don't you put him down
One hand wash the other... pongo and paki come

I'm a humble african, I was born to love my brother
I'm a humble african, united i must be
I'm a humble african, no matter what they say
I'm a humble african

My forefathers came here from the days of slaves.
I work until my skin start to strip.
And to every time i speak for my justice,
Yes someone to name me disagreeable still.
I pray the day will come when we all have peace and inity.
No more chasing one another without humanity.
I pray the day will come that we all share what we have and show the people of the love that we have to give. let them know!

I'm a humble african, nothing but unity inside
I'm a humble african, Jah stand for us all
I'm a humble african, let me beat my drum inna babylon
I'm a humble african, Jah you know who I am!
I'm a humble african

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