Burning Bridges Songtext
von Crimson Glory

Burning Bridges Songtext

We've all been hurt before
You know the pain
And just to love is not enough, noSo many times I've had to turn away
From love I know could be so true to me
Now I stand alone in my dark and lonely world
Surrounded by this cold embrace of jealousy

No feeling remains, like a restless heartNaked in the frozen winds of sorrow

So cold and so cold

Now I feel the bridges falling
Flames reflecting in my eyes
The feelings much too cold to share
Another broken heart to spare
Smoke clouds dreams I've left behind

I never meant to bring you sorrow
I never meant to cause you pain
I know how much it burns so deep inside
It's burning me too

Leave me silent in the morning light
Hold me close until the morning comes again
Oh baby, I need you so bad
Tell me lies if truth reveals your love

I feel the flames are rising
The bridge is falling, the bridge is burning

I never knew that I would need you
I always thought you would be there

Now I feel the bridges burningFlames reflecting in my eyes
I never meant to bring you sorrow
I never meant to cause you pain

Still thinking of you
You know I love you... still

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