One True Light Songtext
von Crazy P

One True Light Songtext

In Him was life, before the dawn of all created light,
Life's uncreated author, the Father's own delight,
The One who spoke the dust to life and darkness into day,
Now born into the darkness, God's Light in human clay.

Come and worship at the manger, behold the One True Light,
See the One with no beginning at his birth;
As we stand amazed, glory fills our gaze;
Come and praise as heaven dawns upon the earth!

In Him the Light of all the world spills down from heaven's throne,
God's glory in a manger, the unseen God made known;
This Morning Star will recreate until the blackest night,
Then break death's ancient darkness with resurrection light.

You draw us in, O Light of all, to join in your delight,
Your radiant flood of welcome, which makes us sons of light;
Replace our jaded apathy with hope that shines anew,
A beacon in the darkness that points the way to you.

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