Debris Songtext
von Counterparts

Debris Songtext

We know that everything
Everything ends
At least that′s what we hope for
Plagued by our past and we're doomed to repeat ourselves
Afraid of the thoughts that dance in revolutions
And circle the mind like a snake

Binding me
I′m just trying to feel something
Cold and stale
Searching for warmth inside of every promise wasted

You wrap yourself around me
But I can only sense your presence
You're nothing but a carcass

I've never felt more alone
Than I did on those nights I spent watching you sleep
You′re the furthest thing from me
And you′ve been there from the start
An empty shell
You're vacant and it scares me to death

One by one
I watched them leave me behind
Like living debris
I know that I′m not worth it
I'm not worth it

In my purest form
I was never good enough for anyone
Why did I think that this time it′d be different?
I came bearing only the beat of my heart and the best of my intentions
I tried my hardest, but I couldn't make you feel a fuckin′ thing

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