An Ordinary Loser Songtext
von Count Raven

An Ordinary Loser Songtext

The story I tell you is old, in fact the oldest in the world
I feel that it must be told, 'til now no one's ever heard
Somewere in time there's a school, a boy went there to read and write
You were nobody's fool, you quickly learned the game and how to fight
Then when he was ten years old his parents got divorced
Father was so cold and mother was so forced
It hurts so bad inside, he thought it was all his fault
He discovered it was a lie, all the things he once was taught

Tomorrow's child he cries
But only in his mind
He gets so cold inside
He leaves his ones behind

Today he's a full grown man
Wife & children and a piece of land
He's got a steady job, no trouble in the way
Suddenly there she stands, again in love he takes her by the hand
He tries to tell his wife, he wants this woman to stay in his life

Tomorrow's child he cries
But only in his mind
He gets so cold inside
He leaves his ones behind

This is not the curse of God, nor of the accuser
It's the curse of mankind that makes him an ordinary loser
The older says: you can go to hell
The younger says: she's crazy
He loves them both, they know this well
Pride hold them back, they lose him

Women of this world today
Don't wow this world away
A man is fertile all his life, this need is not right to deny
I know it is not fair, but it's a fact, it's not that we don't care
Only one thing to do
Put in the law a man can marry two

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