Salt of the Earth Songtext
von Cormorant

Salt of the Earth Songtext

The teeth of lions sown by the wind
Spurned by the salt of the
Earth's fallow and barren skin
Find fertile ground in me

Rains of red poppies
Burst from the blue
Fireflies and harpies
Beat their wings anew
The wine from man's fountains
Imparts courage to implore
"Gods, step down from your mountains
Fish, rise up from the shore"

For kings are few and we are legion
Flood the borders between all regions
No blood spills blue torn from its vein
All dissolves into the grain

Incite the erosion of sleeping giants
So their slumber may forever last
Their lies a fading rememberance of science past

Rise, rise, rise, kill
Seeds of revolution
Sprout forests of stone

The bricks of toppled castles
Build me my palace
Mortared with sweat from your brow
The crops reaped by my vassals
Feed only my malice
My hearth burns with golden boughs

Sea, land and air all fall to my glory
May the earth bear my legacy

But time knows no human deeds
As nature knows no caste
The winds sow forests of weeds
On graves of tyrants past

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