We'll Always Have Paris Songtext
von Commander Venus

We'll Always Have Paris Songtext

Baby, I know you hate it when I call you that
But it's the only word that half describes
The way you're acting tonight

And at the restaurant
Where all your ghosts still haunt
You just like, you feared under this table

All these years they stayed waiting for your return
Your cigarette to burn their whole world through
A thousand things you thought they'd do

Every time you call I feel worse
Throwing chairs
Stolen rings, frozen air

And as I walked away I heard you say
"You're not the only one"

And as I watch you sleep it's hard for me
To keep from waking you, to tell you everything I did
And when I listen to you breathe
I know exactly what you have always need
You wanted from me

And every time you're here it gets worse
Throwing chairs
Stolen hearts, tasteless air

I waited all day at the cafe
But you never came
But you never came
But you never came

And the hearts of the faithful who died on this table
Have left me with nothing at all to hold onto
At all to hold on, at all to hold on
But I want to hold on too but I have got to hold on to you

Throwing chairs
Broken rings, open air

I waited all day at the cafe
But you never came

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