Love Is Stronger Than Pride Songtext
von Color Me Badd

Love Is Stronger Than Pride Songtext

Don't throw your love away
Right now you've got it made
You've gotten' in over your head
This isn't natural
You got to close the door now
They said we would fail
But i just got to believe
I've tasted fear, and i had my share of pain
Without my pride you know i'll risk everything baby
Every time i feel your touck
I want it over and over again


And now i can't let you go
Coz i can no longer hide
I'm fallin' deeper inside
And love is stronger than pride
You've reached the end of the line
And i will lay down my life
Coz love is stronger than pride

With no beat in my heart
Just runnin' from the dark
And much to afraid to be sure
I can't stand the pain of livin' life in vain
A danger no longer this heart can endure
Nothing is real if i can find your touch
Walk though the fire, i know that won't be to much
Every second i live i promise you
I need it over and over again oh


I never believed this dying flame could ever burn again
Now i will stand like a rock
Till theres no more to give
Give up my life for that one chance to live
(For) your touch in the night
I can't let this die, oh no


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