Only the Rain Songtext
von Colin Blunstone & Rod Argent

Only the Rain Songtext

From rafters of memory
And deep grim lodges
Housed in siblings' far off game chambers
Comes the rain, oh Lord
And it reflects my tears, which originally grew in mirrors
Oh windows of illusion

And the rain fell, like ball bearings on a roulette wheel
Eliminating the future
And I saw ghosts, they were children
Running through a cedar boulevard
Into a wood
They came to a gate and looked inside
It was raining
And they heard a soft moaning, warm and plural

And the rain fell, on the lake, in the vast garden
Faster and faster
It was dark
Suddenly children were everywhere
Gliding along the lake, running through the trees
The stars arranged themselves like an illuminated skipping rope
The trees were rich and high, and mingled with the stars
As jewels complement skin

Come, jump across the lake
Into he branches
Higher than the clouds

Let the rain fall
From secret passageways
And oak casements come these spirits
Out of their sleepy silver webs
They play with the forgotten animals at night
And patter on our windows when we sleep
Only the rain has such soft fingers
Only the rain

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