Un beso Songtext
von CocoRosie

Un beso Songtext

My Mother Calls It Gypsy Lifting
And I'm Gonna Get It Back
The Wind Is Just Right
And The Violets Think So Too
I Think I Spy A Shadow
Making A Poo
I Like To Gypsy Lick The Stars
And Send One Out To You You
Who Are You?
Someone With No Dandruff
Perhaps Brown Eyes A Derelict
A Dandy
I'm Out Shopping In My Canoe
Finger Frolicing The Fireflies
Finger Fucking Firewood
Spying On The Masturbating Snails
Hollyhock And Cattails
Boneless Jellyfish And Wales
Perhaps I'll Meet You There Under
Decadent Horizon

Brave Young Lovers
Dark Lips
Lookin At The Loch Ness Monster
Fooey Fooey Hence Cabluey
Gypsy Liftin' On A Handstand
Little Fawny, Dawn-Lit and Scrawny
Daryl Jordan Henry and Johnny
Un Beso Un Beso
You Tear Me Apart
Un Beso Un Beso
Your Palm On My Heart
Its Just Me The Chimney Sweep
Little Bo Peep
Tendin' To Her Sheep
Eatin Her Curds And Whey
Don't Ever Get A Grip
Its Only The First Season Of The End Of Your Career
Nightmares And Dreams
Harlequins And Queens
Who Is My Truest
Don't Make Me Take My Finger Out And
Point It In Your Direction
The Bible Tells Me So
He's Out Shopping In The Trees Again
Moss On Trees
Moss On Trees
Moss On Trees
Broken Branches
Who's Got The Kees To My Jeep?
Who's Got The Code To The Condo Of My Soul
Out Robbing Graves Again
Like Marilyn Manson
I'll Admit I'm Popular Amongst The Ivys And The Ferns
Can't Say If The Felines Took To Me
Out Robbing Graves Again
Like Marilyn Manson
Un Beso Un Beso
You Tear Me Apart
Un Beso Un Beso
Your Palm On My Heart

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