Raphael Songtext
von CocoRosie

Raphael Songtext

Deep inside my heart and it's splintered at it's core
Molden curdle of milken puddle
Dreams of warm breasts settling in my mouth
Be my spouse, make a babe and a house
Apple tree, drunken brawl domestically
Dirty dog dusty-pawed bloody nose rose-embroidered sheets
Dangle like women in the breeze
On a line above the yard
And in my heart a flower dies slow
Like a campfire covered in piss, my love
Like snow falls
My love like a snow fall

Raphael you know just how
To take me in the swimming pool
Like a child being baptized
Beneath the starry sky we lie
Drowning in your watery thighs
Luscious eyes; you're a teenage player
In my heart an island sinks slow
Tears fall in the kitchen sink, O'h
Don't speak I can hear you
Don't speak I can hear you

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