Brother Judas Songtext
von Civil War

Brother Judas Songtext

I ride the flames
I′m hard to tame
I live in the shadows of the world
A moonlight night when stars were bright
I came out from the shadows of the world

To all the victims of insanity
And all the warriors 'bout to die

You′re a liar; you're a traitor
How you fooled us brother Judas
Burn in fire; meet the haters
Life is brutal brother Judas

Another trace; a different face
Alone in the cradle of the world
Unholy knight; infernal rites
Go back into the shadows of the world

This crazy game may lead us to our grave
But no one really understand

I do believe there's a spell above us
Before my eyes a world in chaos
What can you say? The world is falling
Will there ever be a new day dawning?
I don′t know, but here I am

Liar; now we′re changing the score
We're for real and you are the the fraud
Money talks we could not believe
Liar; now we′re changing the score
Life is here just open the door
We are here to tell and inform

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