Rise Songtext
von Christine Kane

Rise Songtext

I'm staring at stars tonight
I've fallen in mid-flight
Dropped in a moment from the sky
Another mistaken path
Now I'm covered in dirt and grass
Born of the earth am I

You say I fly in search of storms
You're not entirely wrong
I hear the church bells Sunday morning
Lonely their song
They ride the wind a gentle friend
To all that breaks and dies
I broke my wings and now they sing for me
To rise

You see me the way you must
Say I'm candid and dangerous
You say you want light, not fire
It's hardly the way to live
To be sorry for what you give
Apologies have made me so tired

You chase your dreams, who'd believe
You'd be stung and struck down
It breaks your will until you don't know how
You'll rise

We're sisters of wind and storm
We're waiting to be reborn
But let's not give in this time
So don't blame me for what's not there
Or try to tame my tangled hair
Or take all the fight from inside me

But take my hand let's pray for hope
Let's make a whole new God
Get up and walk let's shed the talk
Of all that we're not
The strength in me sometimes she bleeds
Sometimes she wants to die
Sometimes she falls and falls again, but then
She'll rise

I'm waking up I'm shaking off
These tired old ways
And I say to the world, I'm no girl
I'm all grown up these days
And all the violence, all the rage
And all the reasons to cry
All that life is, oh it's calling me
To rise

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