Right Outta Nowhere Songtext
von Christine Kane

Right Outta Nowhere Songtext

Midwest morning October snow fall
She packed her Chevorlet
And Brushed her fear away
She got a great big dream
And a history of playin' small
and everybody seems to think
she'll be back by Christmas day
well, She hit that highway
with every bit of faith she could sum
when courage finally comes you never see it comin'
Right out of Nowhere
Open you heart, that changes everything
You're goin' somewhere
And all you need to know
Is that your free to go

Summer Night the soft smell of sea shore
and all the deadheads dancing out on the beach
Hes got a 10 year tan
and his own little junk store he says
some people got alot to proove and thats the way I used to be
I'm just an old hippy with a half dozen Phds
some choices hold you down
some chances set you free

Right out of Nowhere
Open you heart, that changes everything
You're goin' somewhere.
And all you need to know...
Is that your free to go
And you dream
And the way will be clear
And you pray
and the angels will hear
Lead and the net will appear

Right out of Nowhere
Believe in everything
You're goin' somewhere.

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