Or Just Heading Home Songtext
von Christine Kane

Or Just Heading Home Songtext

Outside of the airport, in line on a waiting plane
Just an hour or two more, then our lives can start again
To the aisle or the window, we all file in and take our place
And the guy in the middle looks like he hates the world today

Would it kill me to look up? Would we dare share a thing or two
About times that we've screwed up or barely made it through?

I fell in love once with a boy from Wichita
And he left me in Africa, yeah, it's quite a story
And I cried last Christmas for all the trees in the parking lot
All the ones that the world forgot
And are you leaving or just heading home?

In the back there's a baby, he is tired and he starts to cry
Up ahead is a lady who turns around and rolls her eyes
They have asked us to listen but the man beside me won't
He is reading John Grisham and is plugged into the radio

What do you remember? What things did you dream you'd do?
I wished I was Nancy Drew and that I was a ballerina
And I can't do the crossword in the back of the Sunday Times
Not even a single line and are you leaving or just heading home?

I fell in love once, with a boy from Wichita
When he left me it broke my heart
But I do not regret it, where are all your children?
Do you miss your mom and dad? What was the best dog you had?
And are you leaving or just getting home?

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