Made of Steel Songtext
von Christine Kane

Made of Steel Songtext

Someone pull the sun down
somebody raise the moon
I can feel the night reach out like
some nights just seem to do
Nevermind the laws and rules yeah
nevermind the past, thats right
I've been a grieving fool but
I'm made of steel tonight

Southern nights
soft and lazy
southern boys that talk jus right
Leave it up to me and I'll take you
Somewhere jus you and I

Where you can round up all your reasons
Tell me that my plan's all wrong
Say you're on the path to Jesus
I'll bet he'd come along

And as for me I've had my demons
beatin down my own back door
Breakin bad and talkin mean
They'll wait for me, for sure
But i propose we let em in
Set em down and raise a toast

Get em drunk and leave those demons
refuse to be the hoast

Some dreams
sometimes move on
but no dream is lost
for long

Some angels fall from stars but
those angels are not

Moon's up
time is fleeting
Be that the way it is
I believe a girl like me
can still learn how to live

And I'll be brave and I'll be here so
come on and hold me tight
There will be no sighs or tears cuz
I'm made of steel tonight


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