Big Ol' Full Moon Songtext
von Christine Kane

Big Ol' Full Moon Songtext

There's a wind on a western night
There's a fire and something in the fire light, like hope
But she doesn't want to name it that soon

She says a prayer for what remains unknown
And another for the past that's back home
Then she smiles 'cause she's alone and there's a big ol' full moon

It's a funny thing 'cause everybody said
Why you going alone, whatchya doin' and
If you're running away you'd better think about the reasons you would

Well, they'd sing their tunes and she'd sing along
Always making the room for being wrong
But the voices of doom, you know, they never really done her much good

Everyday, it's been another big loss
She's let down until more often than not
Her will just seems to be gone

But there's something about the night, something unknown
Something right about a girl on her own
And there's something inside and it's gonna keep making her strong

It's late, and she stays on
And she waits for the way home

Well, the world's had a way of breaking her down to the wrong size
But the world ain't supposed to be kind
And tonight there's a moon that says there's light in these dark skies
And the moon says she's doing just fine

'Cause here she is on a western night
By the fire and warmed by the firelight
There's a little bit of peace and a little bit of restlessnes, too

And all the things that remain unknown
And the things that cast her back home
Make her sing to the shadows of the big ol' full moon

It's late and she stays on
And she waits for the way home
It's late and she's all alone
And she waits for the way home

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