All the Rest Songtext
von Christine Kane

All the Rest Songtext

You leave the moment and stare
At all the boats on the bay
And children wave
And it grieves you to be lonely
On a lovely, lovely summer day
What's wrong, you say

'Cause all the rest feels like a hard wind, cold rain
And any peace just passing through
All the rest feels like it might just lead to
Endless days of gloom for you

You sought the solitary
And had affairs with solitude
Didn't you?
But he caught you unaware, and
He offered something like the truth
And he loved you too

And all the rest was lost in tears and tall tales
And all the secrets kept from view
All the rest was lost in should's and supposed-to's
There was no chance to choose for you

Today you wake up early
You watch the wind while morning moves
From your room
Apart from all the stuff we say
Apart from damage we might do
We know what's true

And all the rest is up to long nights, lost words
And all the sleep you're bound to lose
And all the rest will heal, but nice and slow, so
Time will have to do for you

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