All the Relatives Songtext
von Christine Kane

All the Relatives Songtext

Second Avenue yellow VW
She's behind the wheel
The busy people are crossing the street
In their wingtips and their heels
She sings a tune from a Broadway musical
She got no radio
She waves her hand to the man in the Rolls
As the stoplight turns to Go

And all the relatives
They say she's always been crazy with her radical ways
They say she's ornery, smells sort of garlic-y
They think she might be gay

Do do do do
Do do do do do
Do do do do do do do

She decided she don't really like it
Workin' at a desk
And so she's packin' up and she's movin' to Oregon
Tuesday after next
And all her things but her journals and paintings
And jazz CD's of course
She'll give away to her good friend Renee
Who was recently divorced

And all the relatives
They say she's always been an overly emotional girl
They'll tell you what you've got to toughen up
To make it in this world


She sings at night a lullaby
There's not a note in tune
She rides a bike she flies a kite
She got a rose tattoo
And all the love that ever was
It never was so true
She says the best days are when there is
Nothing much to do

She found a puppy alone in an alley
One rainy Christmas Eve
And even though she was practically broke
She took it home and gave it the last of her crackers and cheese
Yesterday she said, I think I'd lose my faith,
Except for the fact there are miracles practically every single day

And all the relatives
Say she hasn't been in a church in a matter of years
And add to that her weird little hats and the pierces in her ears
And all the relatives
They say she's always been crazy with her radical ways
Well, you know, that might be so
But she guesses she's okay

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