But I Am a Good Girl Songtext
von Christina Aguilera

But I Am a Good Girl Songtext

The dress is Chanel
The shoes YSL
The bag is Dior
Agent Provocateaur
My address today, L.A. by the way
Above Sunset Strip, the Hills all the way
My rings are by Webster
They make their heads twirl
They all say: "darling, what did you do for those pearls?"
What?! I am a good girl

B.H. I adore, Rode-O L'amore
Breakfast Polo Lounge, and poolside for sure
The Chateau for cocktails
The Courtyard at nine
Dan Tana's for dinner
The Helen's divine
You know I have found, the word's gone around
They all say my feet never do touch the ground
What?! I am a good girl
I am a good girl

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