Kiss You Where You Lay Songtext
von Chris Trapper

Kiss You Where You Lay Songtext

Well, I got the time, you got the money
the lights are dim
somethings buzzing around here
Ain't it a beautiful life
but if we don't stop talking we'll miss our train tonight

Well, you're on a roll, I can't interrupt you
Those words come slow
I know it upsets you my dear
but it was yesterday's fight
So from the corner booth I watch the trains's taillights

She says "All I needed was to know his kiss is more than just a kill
'Cause conquering me is never easy
I fear nobody will

So bartender won't you make it a double
to get up the nerve is my biggest trouble lately
I keep it inside my coat
But I know I just can't let this moment go

The beer signs paint red lines on the table
I'd kiss her if she were willing, able or free
You'd see me down on my knees
saying "I'd leave him now if it was up to me"

'Cause all I need is to know your heart's
hung on your sleeve like mine
'Cause last glance romance
and desperate dances
left me out to dry
There will be a last time

So back from the bar up into your bedroom
You ask if my heart is bound to forget you or crash
What if I never come back?
So I walk all the way home
down the old train tracks

For I'd do anything to prove my love
for you is not on stage
The dream where I live
will float where you live
and kiss you where you lay-->

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