Walnuts Songtext
von Chief Keef

Walnuts Songtext

Know how we rocking man, we going nuts man
Going nuts man, fucking sluts man
Fucking up these bucks man, copping mansions man
Flexing on these overgrown goofy ass niggas, going walnuts

Going walnuts
I'm going walnuts
Bitch, I'm going walnuts
Bitch, I'm going walnuts
I can't eat no walnuts
But guess what, bitch I'm going walnuts
I'm going so nuts, I'm going walnuts
Going Planters, going walnuts
Going cashews, going walnuts

She want credit, I am not a cashier
Free promotion, I don't know, that's weird
She want me to fuck her, that's my thot from last year
I can't do that shit, that's backwards
We going forward with this shit
I'm buying toys with this shit
I'm buying guns with this shit
I'm getting funds off this shit
She gotta suck on my dick
Just to step in my crib
Bitch, my crib is two mill
Or three mill, I really don't know what it is
But I'm fucking rolling hard
I'm still up, 7 o'clock AM
I'm thinking about mayhem, spray him
Sosa only pull up if they pay him
Smoking trees, getting top, lollipop
I still want some fucking more zombie top
But I already fucked
I got a new mansion, she was at my other one
I think she like my shower
She wen't and bought a hour
We fucked for 'bout some hours
She was counting her singles up on my money counter
You smoke sativa, I smoke downers
Too much damn THC, I'ma lunger
I'ma get that chopper, I'ma lumber
And niggas won't be talking no damn longer
I fucked DMX baby mama
Ladera, Shakira, or whatever that bitch name is
She threw it back for me
I hit her, I sent that bitch a plane ticket
I'm smoking Mary Jane, nigga
Bling all in my chain, nigga
Where that chain come from? Johnny Dang, nigga
Gang, nigga
Gun bang like my chop Wayne, nigga
They like Sosa, you think you Wayne nigga?
Hell nah, that's my nigga though, gang nigga
Bang, nigga

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