Firecracker Songtext
von Charlie Fink

Firecracker Songtext

Been told you no good
That a job that you hate
Belongs in a special part of hell.
It was a feeling I knew
More than I wanted to:
Working in a Manchester Business Hotel.
Rushing you plate
To room 108
On new year′s eve 2005.
I gave two short knocks
And you opened up,
Not so standard business-hotel type.
But sometimes your future is waiting for you
Behind a hotel room door.
I had spent 20 years not living my life
And that wasn't my life anymore.

I saw your guitar case,
Asked if you play.
You said, "No, it′s where I keep my machine gun."
I used to tour with a band
But ever since I switched,
Nobody ever asks for a refund.
You stand for the tree,
Lean in to see.
Hey, where you goin',
Do you smoke?
I couldn't believe,
This was happening to me
When you pulled out a joint from your coat.
But sometimes your future is offered to you rolled up in a cigarette.
I had spent 20 years not living my life
Right till that moment we met.
And it was like a firecracker,
Watched from a prison yard.
Sitting in that hotel bedroom,
Listening to you play guitar.
Oh it was like a firecracker.
Oh it was like a firecracker.

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