Living Like a Hustler Songtext
von C‐Bo feat. B‐Legit

Living Like a Hustler Songtext

[Verse 1: B-Legit]
I′m livin' like a hustler big wheelin′ and dealin'
Buyin big old buildings tryin to get my millions
The dealin don't stop so the block stays heated
Got the motherfuckin′ dope if you need it
Sucker motherfuckers wanna line on my zone
I keep the cash in a casket at the funeral home
I′m gone with the wind around the world they spin
More for the dank than they do in the bay
So I'm off on the highway
To get mine, I think I′ll hustle til my diein' day
I got spots like a dalmation, done seen the whole nation′
And every day is like a fucking' vacation
Parties with the fly bitches never after five bitches
Cause the dry snitches try to get you for your riches
Put ′em in a suit and take the loot before you dust em
Never love em, so fuck em, I'm Livin' Like A Hustler

[X2] Livin′ like a hustler counts my scratch
Loves my weed can′t stand my batch (bitch)
[X2] Livin like a hustler counts my grip
Loves my weed can't stand my bitch

[Verse 2: C-Bo]
I don′t know Judo, but down with you know
Strapped with two glocks, gone off some pruno
Headin' for the house party on the southside
Four deep in a rag-top six-five
Hella bitches, hangin out the window
Killa Cali style from fours to eight-fifty benzo′s
Hoes on stack, cause niggas been ballin crack since the mack
Packin the gat and won't think twice to bust a cap
Sportin′ a brim like Freddy Krueger
Some trigger happy shooters, all strapped down with two rugers
I pulls over hit the juice on my ride
I got front and back and side to side

[Chorus: until end]

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