Just Friends Songtext
von Caylee Hammack

Just Friends Songtext

I'd sworn of love long 'fore I met you
But somehow you loosened the ties
On a tied-up heart, you made
Wall look like sheets hung up to dry
Easily pushed aside
In a moment
I fell for it...

You should've never come over
You should've left early
And kept your hands to yourself
You knew better
You should've never promised me bliss
If you couldn't keep it
We should've stayed
Just Friends - 2x

I should've listened to my moma
And not let you in my head
I should've told you that I loved ya
But not let you in my bed
Was it the tension
That kept your attention on me
Or were you lonely and needed company?
Oh Baby, Maybe
We should of stayed
Just Friends - 2x

If we had never made out
Do you think you wanna
Still hang and sleep on my couch
Or do you think you wanna go back
And take it back
But it's too late
Cause it don't work like that
You should've held your own hand
We should've been -2x
Just Friends

I should've listened to my moma -2x
We should've stayed
Just Friends

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