Panopticon Songtext
von Catharsis

Panopticon Songtext

For you who choose
bondage, the world is a cage
Paralyzed under their
These scraps of self,
they're not enough
But they're all that I
could steal
It's easier for you -
you don't fucking feel
Do you
Subjugate our
nightmares, bend them to their ends
And they offer to
share the dividends?
A place in the shadow
of the great guillotine And are you blessed,
in these days of lifelessness?
I'm choking on the rim
of your righteousness
Staring through the
bars at the worlds we'll never know
Lost in the city, the
beaten crowds
Those around you
gagged and bound
in Panoptikon
Defined by confines,
condemned to live these lives
No secrets safe from
their eyes
But what goes on in
our minds goes on in your hearts
Denied all
creation, destruction is our bitter art
We'll slip through the
cracks, we're not afraid
For every bent knee
too shall break
We'll dance in the
shadow of the great guillotine
That does its rhythmic
On each and every
unbowed head
by one
by one. Judgment
Are you the sacred and
the clean?
One day we'll rise to
mount the skies
And tear your gods'
towers down
In the death rows (death
throes) of this machine
No freedom here,
living in fear
Until every wheel
stops turning
Until every channel
goes dead
Until every light goes
Until every city is
Then we'll see some

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