The Baralax Songtext
von Cardio Kazan

The Baralax Songtext

In the end there are no struggles
There are no complaints
Envy, agony, nothing,
Just silence and hope on what you believe is next
After your last heartbeat

Long for your existence
And the reasons you are here on earth
There is nothing in this world that you can't overcome
And there is nothing more beautiful than being alive

Embrace misfortune
Unbound of continuous happiness
A mirage of eternal bliss will stop you from maturing
Then how will you learn?
From every inch of your spirit to every inch of your body
You are an unstable creation
Filled with emotions
Filled of virtues and imperfections
This is who we are
So, never forget, no matter what happens
No matter what stands in front of your path,
In the end, suspend in time and breathe new life
Because on your silhouette
Lies your chance to survive.

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