Tragedy Ever After Songtext
von Carach Angren

Tragedy Ever After Songtext

She opens her eyes.
Her face is covered in blood.
She appears to be surrounded by twisted trees
In this abysmal dream.
Under a toxic blood red sky,
Ghostly clouds quickly passing by.
"Please! Can someone tell me,
This place wherein I dwell,
Where does it reside between heaven and hell?
Am i dead?"

But her questions merely echo away into nothingness.
There are voices calling her name
From the blackest corners of his phantasmal void.
"Gretel, join us! Join us! Join us in death. "
Malevolent entities shaped and twisted in hideous ways.
No mind of human kind could have architected such a infernal place.

Under a toxic blood red sky,
Ghostly clouds quickly passing by.
"Please! Can someone set me free!
I'm being held in a nightmare.
I'm kept in purgatory!"

Finally she stumbles on this trail
Made of candy.
Like a hungry bird feeding crumbs of bread,
Consuming them one by one,
Hopefully this is the trail of delicacy lead towards
A better place ahead.
But no, it lead her further and further into the darkness.
It reeks on burning flesh,
Then the trail suddenly ends...
There's a dark presence lurking in the shadows.
It just entered purgatory
Because the body was cauterized within the fires of reality.
The spectral corpse of the clowns was heavily burned.
Her brother's murderer has returned...
A stifling feeling when his charred hands take hold to her.
She cannot move.
She cannot defend herseld.
When will this suffocating dream finally end?
The stench of burnt flesh becomes the smell of alcohol,
And when her bastard father shuts the door behind him,
She realizes: It was just a dream.
The real nightmare continues in reality.

There's no place like home.
There's no place like home.

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