The Course of a Spectral Ship Songtext
von Carach Angren

The Course of a Spectral Ship Songtext

Lots of tears, months became years.
Their mothers wept for many nights,
Wondering if their sons died.
Just when the grief
Became permissive and brief, tales of a ghost ship were
Spread... the same vessel where their brood found death.

A craft made of mist, coursing in a timeless direction.
This cadaverous sighting, causing mayhem through
These dark words are whispered in the local
Hangout of our port.
Sailors and captains sketching a ship's
Hull with a black shape aboard.
Robust dauntless sea-dogs
Speak with a frightened tone in their voice:

"Blue was the sky and the sun smiled at the crew.
Then a storm came forth, moving swiftly from the north.

Claps of thunder rumble, cold winds whining loud.
A ghostly solstice, weeping thick tears from its dreary clouds.
As if these raindrops awoke something from its sleep, ticking on a liquid grave to evoke a devilish ship from the sea.

The rise of a haunting in the form of a demon vessel.

Now this black ship veered it's bow.
Changing her course, sailing straight into our direction.
Anxious seamen screaming out loud:
Search for protection!
Right before it collides, a dark figure was seen, standing on the prow with a black hound by his side. surrounded by corpses.
A sardonic smile and a sinister glance in his eyes.

No movement, not one single tremor was felt on board.
This spectral ship sailed straight through our vessel and our soul.
The only thing we sensed was a bleak gust, a chill breeze... so cold."

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