In de naam van de duivel Songtext
von Carach Angren

In de naam van de duivel Songtext

Once upon a time, back when the Devil had a temper
For he was repulsed by love for as long as he could remember
He knew of a bond, that flamed fiercer than fire
Husband and wife he ached to see burned at the pyre

So he summoned a witch before his black throne
Demanded their bond corrupted by this wise crone
The smirking old Witch was instantly sold
By his promise of rewards both in flesh and gold

In de naam van de duivel
And so the witch set forth on her insidious quest
Stalking the house of the blessed
Kisses at sunrise leaving for work
A sign for the witch to approach the house with that same evil smirk
"I came to warn you immediately
Of misfortune and adultery
In my dark prophetic dreams I saw you"

She opened the door for the devil′s whore
Who was disguised as an old lady, kind and wise

In de naam van de duivel
"Your husband shall leave you forever
Do as I say, and you will stay together
While your love is asleep, cut off a lock of his hair
Bring it to me and I'll cast a spell to prevent your despair"

And so the witch twists her tongue, reversing the tale
She told her husband before to be on his guard

"During night when the owls are still and the moon looks pale
Your wife will stab you with a knife in the heart!"
Those twisted words, poisonous like a snake
He could not believe, but still they kept him awake

So he lies there awake, in the dark of the night
When a flicker of steel catches his sight!
Overwhelmed by pure rage and disbelief
He tears the knife from her hand and slits her throat in his grief

In de naam van de duivel
In de naam van de duivel
At ease on his throne and pleased with his whore
For hell is free of love once more

In de naam van de duivel
For hell is free of love once

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