The Death of an Illusion Songtext
von Capstan

The Death of an Illusion Songtext

I once heard my mother say that heaven isn't really so far away but recently somethings changed in me and I know this will kill her but I'll have to disagree.
Because I've grown tired of the stained-glass and ceiling tiles, prescription pills and the blind faith trials.
It's genocide in a different style.
I won't ask for forgiveness.
I won't ask for forgiveness.
I'm no longer afraid.
Because I've found faith in myself and the people I love.
Not through medication or forgiveness from above.
Left in the dark with no divine light.
Only helping hands and my own will to fight.
With experience we unearth the roots to grow.
At one point in time our rope ends or unwinds and leaves your mind tangled and closed.
Role searching, it's what defeats and mangles most.
But what keeps your heart soul surfing lends to living on as ghosts.
Maybe we're not all living in hell but we've been conditioned to live in a prison cell.
Hide me from whatever concept this instills or hang me from the rafters of this people mill.
Death is an architect.
It's shaping days and taking names through heart attacks and common disconnects.
And at least I can say I'll be ready for it.

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