Fried Hockey Boogie Songtext
von Canned Heat

Fried Hockey Boogie Songtext

Psst, psst, psst
That′s called gettin' ready for the boogie

Yeah, the "Fried Hockey Boogie"
Aw, yes
Ever since the days of our last album
Well, folks come along and asked us why didn′t we uh, kinda uh, get it on on our next record
So we kinda thought that over and decided that would be a pretty good idea
So well, we decided to demonstrate to you how each of the boys in the band does his little thing
And the first
To do the boogie for you all this evening is the Blind Owl
Now, the Blind Owl is from Boston, Massachusetts, yeah
Blind Owl, do your boogie


Yeah, all night boogie

Aw, alright

Yes, I know

Blind Owl, that was delightful

Now, in order to have a good boogie you gotta have a bottom
And uh, on the bottom, babies, we got Mr. Larry Taylor, alias the Mole
Now, Larry, he comes from New York
And uh, Memphis and L.A., and he claims to be from alot of other places
But Larry, can you hear me Mole? Can you hear me, baby?
Well, I wish you'd get it off for the folks, yeah



Oh-ho, yeah

Aw, that was too much, baby

Yeah, I know
Hope y'all satisfied
Fried Hockey relaxin′ now
Because that′s what you gotta do
You gotta kinda sit back and mediate as the Maharishi said, yeah

Now, one day, about 23 years ago in Tacoma Park, Maryland there was a birth on Christmas Day
That's the day the Sunflower came into being, and I′m sure glad
Come on, bustle up that hammer

Oh, ho-ho

Are you really experienced?

Love is a beautiful thing
Yes, love can be found anywhere
Even in a guitar, alright



It's even better than the last one, baby, yeah

Aw, yeah

Yeah, now, all the way from the south of the border here comes ol′ Fito de la Parra
Fito, beat it out, baby

Play it out and make the scene

Well, folks, that's about all
All we got left is just one lonely minute
Oh my
Don′t you feel good now that you've listened to all that boogie?
I sure am glad

Goodbye, everybody
So long
So long, now

Well, I'm gone
Bye, babe, gone
Well, I′m gone
Baby, baby. gone

And don′t forget to boogie
Boogie (Whoa!)

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