Bad Day Songtext
von Buddy Guy

Bad Day Songtext

Come home in the evening
Pour myself a drink
Too tired to listen
I'm too tired to think
You start in on me
Try'na pick a fight
First thing out of your mouth
Where was you last night

Don't go there, baby
You better watch just what you say
Yeah, you pushed the wrong button
You know I've had a bad day

I was stopped by the police
But just bein' who I am
They said, why you goin' in such a hurry
I said "Wooh! Guilty, damn"
Cost 300 dollars
Just to bail myself out
I get home late for dinner
You start runnin' your damn mouth

I said, don't go there, baby
There'll be hell you have to pay
Yeah, you better walk on eggshells
You know I've had a bad day

You know it

You know I love you, baby
But right now, I need some space
Stop pointin' your finger
All up in my face

Don't go there, baby
Shut your mouth and walk away
You looking at a time bomb
You know I've had a bad day

Don't go there, baby (Brrrr)
You know I've had a bad day

You know I've
Had a bad day

What did I say?
Brrr, go to hell baby
This is what I sound like when I had a bad day

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