Your Loving Heart Songtext
von Buck Dharma

Your Loving Heart Songtext

I'll be going now
There's nothing more here to be said
I'll be going now
The doctors say I'll soon be dead
Only another heart would see me through
Only another's heart

You should be going now
You have done all that you can do
You should be going now
You have a life to think of too
Only your loving hearrt has helped to get me through
Only your loving heart
We have a donor
We have a donor prep him! Prep him! Prep him!
Car accident accident victim car accident
Car accident prep him! Prep him!
Head injury
A good tissue match we have a donor
We have a donor we have consent
We have a donor
A young woman young woman
Young woman wait I've seen her before
Up on the seventh floor
Oh no oh God let's go prep him! Prep him!

I will be going now
My new heart and I are pulling through
Who was the donor
Today they told me it was you
To only your loving heart
I'll be forever true
(Only your loving heart)

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