That Summer Night Songtext
von Buck Dharma

That Summer Night Songtext

You changed your telephone
And you're not at home
When I come around
It's all over town
You're putting me down

Hard feelings I can't help it
I'm hurting so bad
I thought we had it
And it's driving me mad

So what happened
I've got to know
You were willing all summer long
What changed your mind now that summer's gone

That summer night by the light of the full moon
The look in your eye as you promised forever
That summer night, that summer night

I know love has gone bad before
But never for me
I got into my car and drove down to the sea
I'm walking the sand alone now
That we used to know
I turn into the wind and let my feelings go
I know I'll laugh and look for love again
It's just a matter of time
But tonight I can't get you out of my mind



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