I Wanna Fuck Right Now Songtext
von Brooke Candy

I Wanna Fuck Right Now Songtext

Brooke-muthafuckin-Candy on the track
Fag Mob runnin shit
I'm taking shit over
That's right I'm headed straight to the top baby


I wanna, I wanna fuck right now now 4x

I'm Brooke Candy I came to throw down
Bitch I'm internationaly known
Dudes see me when they want their mind blown

Step ya dick game up
I'm freaky like Rick James up
I like to switch the game up
Break the bed
And rip the frame up

You ain't shit boi
Got you pussy-whipped boi
Lickin up the clit
Make you savor every drip boi

Shit, when I strip boi
Got you in my grip boi
There ain't nobody' pussy
I be cuttin off yo dick boi

I wanna, I wanna fuck right now now 4x

Ladies stand up
Pussy got your hand up
Pussy is a weapon
I be shooting dudes at random

Dudes is bitches
My clit leaves 'em in stitches
They be twitchin on the floor
With my pussy
Do 1-2 switches

We don't needa man
These greedy dudes be needy man
The pussy bring them back to life like

Sippin on that necta
My clit bullshit detecta
Now dudes get on your knees
And eat it up
Hannibal Lecta

I wanna, I wanna fuck right now now 8x

You ain't shit to me boi
Commin for victory boi
Ain't nothin but dick to me boi
Lickity boi
Hit it in court and I'm slippery boi

My house never rented
I sleep what I'm sendin
I loose what I'm winnin
I'm rapein the women
In money I'm swimmin
It's not that I'm givin
I try to stay hiden
The realest bitch livin

Ay-ayo bitch
Ay-ayo bitch
Come 'er come 'er, come'er

Ay-ayo bitch
Ay-ayo bitch
Come 'er... lemme talk to ya for a minute

I wanna, I wanna fuck right now now 4x

That's right
On the mike
I don't really give a fuck
Ima dyke

You're a bitch!

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