Persona Non Grata Songtext
von Bright Eyes

Persona Non Grata Songtext

Getting dressed for a date
Put on blue aftershave
Wore a kilt like a Celt
Hid the way that I felt

Combat boots, fallen leaves
West Village Halloween
To a Bollywood song
Taking shots 'til we're gone

Unwelcome in the autumn
Persona non grata
I'm the last of the best
I'm your thoughts in the swamp

There's a playground of children
In the shadows of buildings
There's a line out the church
Where your homelessness works

Where the stain glass of crimson
Meets Ezekiel's Visions
Saw a valley of bones
Where no man shall be saved

And now you, you come to me asking that
And now you, you come to me and you're asking that
Oh, how can we reconcile?

Left your innocence there
In Tiananmen Square
You were filled with despair
Underfed and depressed

Vacant lot where a prison stood
God knows you never would
Lie to yourself
But you do every time

Made a life of deception
And passive aggression
Going to scream when I sing
Going to die in the rain

Turn me on, you're a knockout
Climb up on to my cloud
Do your worst to me now
Before I change my mind

And now you, you want to be true to me once again
And you want me to be true to you once again
Oh yeah, you, you want to be true to me once again
And you want me to be true to you once again

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