Pageturners Rag Songtext
von Bright Eyes

Pageturners Rag Songtext

¡Buenas noches damas y caballeros!
Estamos llenos de emoción que estén aquí con nosotros esta noche
Acompáñennos mientras caminamos por el largo pasillo
Y salimos por la puerta de la memoria y olvido
Démosle la más cordial bienvenida al escenario
A Your Most Vivid Nightmares
Interpretando su más nueva composición
¡Pageturners Rag!

It felt good
It was very moody
Some people cried more than others

But then, you know, like, the days after, I couldn't sleep

They died, they have died
Either they've died, or they aren't around, or they don't exist
I was thinkin', I was thinking about how you look tonight

Think about how much people need
What they need right now to feel like
There's something to look forward to

We have to hold on
Need to hold on

And I took pictures of the kids in front of it over the years
But never did anything to it
And so, the cool part of this, honestly, he said he liked red
And so I always buy red roses at the Dundee florist
'Cause if you buy two roses in there, they're a little spendy
But they last, like, two weeks and they're pretty

So, get this, when we went back to Carrie
And we always go by Matty's old house
And they had, you know, the rose bush was gone because they had
Put some panelling up in the house

We go back the first time and the house looks great, and they sell it
The next time we go back, we drive by
The rose bush was growing in the same spot again

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