Barcelona Songtext
von Brett Newski

Barcelona Songtext

Found myself a long way from home
Speaking broken Spanish
In the gothic quarter
I had come to a fork in the road
Where I'd quickly rewrite all the lessons I was told

This ain't san Francisco
Let's all be present
Let's take it real slow
We could fly across the pond
Don't want to be "boxcar'd"
Like a rodeo clown

In Barcelona town
Left my old life
With a bad taste in my mouth
Barcelona town
Let's wise up to the poison
And sweat it all out

I had seen the sadness in your face
Like I'd seen in mine
Before I found this place
Was digging holes from sun up to sun down
Didn't want to die young, pushing papers around

We can rewrite the code
Pull up the anchor
Let the battleships roll
This ain't exodus row
Let's lust for our lovers
Leave the fiction alone

Barcelona town
You can haunt your own head
Or be here right now
Barcelona town
Let's wise up to the poison
And sweat it all out

I was drinking gas station coffee
On a subway car near Piccadilly
London, Toronto, or Old Oklahoma
Nothing compares to Barcelona

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