About Time Again Songtext
von Brennan Heart

About Time Again Songtext

Let me take your ass back to 2009.
Musical impressions define inspirations, for decades.
Time flies man, I told you we'd be back on this track in 2019.
You can't see the smile on my face, but believe me.

You blink once, blink twice and 10 years are out the window.
I know where I'm goin' but I can tell you where I've been though.
Times have been hectic with a capital H.
It's airports, airplanes, aircannons on stage.
I am crossin' borders when I'm pimpin' my style.
All I wanna see on stage is the crowd go wild.
Create imaginary worlds so we can lose our minds,
You better fit in, and all of us can have a good time.
No room for haters, cuz haters ain't shit to me.
I lost my mom, then I started my own family.
You see we come and we go, we all do at some point.
But before my time's up I'm gonna rock the joint.
Are you with me?
Are you hardstyle like me?
I am what I am, it's all I'll ever be.
I'm high, I'm flyin' like never before.
Even gravity can not hold me down no more.

That's right, it goes a 1, it goes a 2, it goes a 3, 4, 5.
While other's been doubtin' their
Commitment I been stickin' with this.
I am hardstyle, it's the top of the list.
You are hardstyle if you copyin' this.
Can't fake this feelin' can't fake the realness.
It's the truth, for me and my partner in crime.
We're like bonny & clyde, for each other we die.
I work my ass off knowing not to 5
I'm the 24-7 guy and overdrive
Besides the BPM, there's most people in it.
They work fast, work hard, play this game to win it.
And I am in it from beginning to end, that's right!
Something the motherfucker's don't understand.
And I might be steppin' on toes here, fuck these hoes here.
These wanna be politicians tryna fuck up my flow here.
They fuel my flames, I'm burning higher than high.
The name is Brennan Heart and I am hardstyle.

Closin' another decade of hectic.
Who knows what the future brings.
Your spokesperson max P signin' off.

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