Its Going Down, Part II Songtext
von Boosie Badazz

Its Going Down, Part II Songtext

Ahh!, we in dis
Is we? Yeah!
Big Head the dome busta [? ]
Hey, Lil' Boosie in dis
I love my hood! (I love my hood!)
You love your hood? For sure! Fours up!

Say Big Head it's goin' down in that SSB
Say Boosie the same thing in that UPT

[Lil' Boosie:]
Oh, Oh it's about to be some raw shit!
They done let the two sickies of the Dirty South click
Say Big Head! What's up?
I ain't been givin' a fuck
Been, ridin' strapped down on those dubs, just livin' it up
In the bottom where you find me, for sure nigga
You know New Orleans doe nigga, my mama ain't raised no hoe nigga
Vouges nigga, that's what I love, that's what I claim
That's what I'll die for, till I'm down took out the game
They go down from four up to four down
I fuck with niggas I know down, so let the weed go round
Don't put your Calico down, cause niggas like to go round
I prefer a showdown, FUCK! My favorite pronoun
Keep gettin' your hoe down, she says she likes that four sound
Lil' Boosie got some more sound, so pop and blow pound
Drink up and throw down, you knew how it was gon' sound
All my niggas gon' clown, the water deep so don't drown (So don't drown bitch!)

Say Big Head it's goin' down in that SSB
Say Boosie the same thing in that UPT

[Lil' Boosie:]
Well it's a South thing, and everybody spread the word
We rule Baton Rouge for puttin' domes on the curb
I got my dubs you got your dubs nigga, believe dat
Cross da tracks is where dem G's at
And God, they got dem weed sack
Ain't no joke, when it comes to West Poke
And we got OG's in the hole, if you want you some dope
You must don't love your hood, if you ain't tatted
Can't take the pain or blood for your wood you ain't no savage
See bread I gots to have it! Shit! Look
I'm a let ya know
I was sixteen with ten g's, now fuckin' with Loc
And niggas know me from da South, will take ya bitch or take ya shit
And if we beef, will take your click (What's up?)
And from the top to da bottom, we poppin' What? X-pills
Get it up nigga, givin' dem hoes sex thrills
Just chill Head comin' and now Bubbles had somethin'
SSB and UPT, bitch we head huntin'

Say Big Head it's goin' down in that SSB
Say Boosie the same thing in the UPT

[Big Head:]
On the block were I hang, yeah we slang!
Bust niggas brains, hold up
What's my motherfuckin' name?
Dome Doctor baby
So lock it in your two-way
Niggas, lock it in your mind
I'm a leave your ass souffl?
Lay you out like a buffet
I need mine today
I tote a brand new K, just to see a new day
But don't get me wrong, you know I come in peace
But if you cross me or my click, then I'll become the Beast
So stay out da streets and da heats won't release
Don't talk to my peeps bout peace, till you deceased
It get high like three, when you pass by da Yang
Best to call da police, 'cause we blast by da Yang
Best be quick on your feet, we move fast by da Yang
Right now I'm on Rock Street, but I could dash by da Yang
Sixteen is what I claim, but dat four is in my blood
The baby mama want dat thing, 'cause she knows dat I'm a thug

Say Big Head it's goin' down in that SSB
Say Boosie the same thing in that UPT

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