I Represent Songtext
von Boosie Badazz

I Represent Songtext

Nigga, I represent the Buck, The hussle, The Dime bag sellin,
The ATO Convicted Felon
Nigga I represent the streets, The Projects, and the Niggas who make profit, Where
the hell that they keep they glock at, You Trill man you cant pop that
I represent them young niggaz who go to clubs and stomp niggas, Its never one on
one nigga, They Crowd Shit

I represent for knuckleheads whos peace is on the streets
I represent the hottest damn man in the streets
I reppin for My Peace, The Streets, this really aint shit to me
That Doza, That grill, they belchin from that Hennessey
The Fam, Trill, Louisiana PRC
I am, Still, The Motha Fuckin Savage
Bust a damn, yeah, Im reppin for my Niggas in that damn Still,

Because I aint forget you, I; m a stand here, and rep my fuckin hood
Just like a man, yeah, You know Im straight for sumtin
From Baton Rouge, in my city man, I represent for all Katrina victims man
You feel me man
From the weed spot, to the coke spot, to the old people on your block.
Put an Eight Ball in your sock, with the 44 you got cock
what a bad villain your hoe got, I am close right now, Im so hot

Im a soulja and I roll lot
Nigga I represent that Cali Coke, the boozers, The desert Eagle shootersnigga
I represent my players that stack like hell and ride round in V12s
Get that mail, fuck what a nigga tell you, Catch that charge
Hold em down, dont tell, Fuck that broad, then turn around fuck

A gal, party that shit, fuck it aint nothing, its just money, slide that bitch,
With all that mutha fuckin stuntin, I rep for my people who got that motha fuckin
trunking, and for all my fans whos weed is mothafuckin good
I represent Louisiana, Mississippi, Detroit and Alabama, Georgia, and Florida in
the Cali, and new York City

This for my Compton Niggaz my DC Chillaz, Im tryin to ask Trilla,
Like Pray for heaven nigga,
For that hard hat who wake up every morning tryin to get it, Who went from Rocket
tickets TV, is on you bitches
For my niggaz in the pen, keep ur head up You feel ur nigga, Boosie know u set up
I reppin for Cali, Man whats happnin, New York, way back to Dallas, All the 50 states
That nigga who hate. Im reppin bitch Im a star. See baby I be getting cake
My Cars represent me, especially the 108
I rep for the bad bitches, I love how they bootie shake
Im reppin this go away, cuz Baton Rouge aint safe
Im reppin for all the gangstas cant see no other way
One more time for trill, cuz I promised we set em str8

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