Gulf Shores Songtext
von Bonnie “Prince” Billy

Gulf Shores Songtext

It was hard enough to climb upon
It was slow going at first
Sister, you have laid long in the sun
Aren't you dying of thirst?
Oh, my dear, your suit is candy striped
And your legs are long and slim
If I whisper nothings in your ear
Will you pass them on to him?

You have laid here by the waterside
Since the day we came to town

Have you thought that you could waste away?
You don't care much for yourself
There are circles deep beneath your eyes
Why do you do this to yourself?
If you like, we two could take a ride
I would love to take you down
We could watch a blue heron in flight
We could see the sights in town

You have laid here by the waterside
You have let the family down

A cold and fruity drink awaits us both
Watch me frolic in the sand
Oh, did you see me in the surf
With a starfish in my hand?
Soon the restaurants will open up
And soon the bars will light their lights
You have aged, you must start looking up
As ugly things will come tonight

We could drive down to another beach
Even tan, your skin seems white
All our friends have gone away from here
So let's disappear from sight

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