Ease Down the Road Songtext
von Bonnie “Prince” Billy

Ease Down the Road Songtext

I took her on a simple trip
To see her husband's family
And on the way upon her hip
Was laid my head down gently

All due respect was meant and all
The winds were in agreement
That this was answering the call
Of awkward and true feeling

A fireman here husband was
And so to give him duty
I duly tried to light a fire
Upon his rightful booty

But beauty was my treasure then
As through the hills I drove her
And taught her that another man
Could have made love to her

Strange is good if it is kept
A secret with the "lovers"
Who love there mates and love themselves
And need the love of others

Through the window I could see
The fields and clouds all passing
As in the passenger position
Eleanor was thrashing

I stopped the car we got a beer
And then eased down the road
A little guilt, and some guilt spilt
And added to our load

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