Who Needs to Dream? Songtext
von Bob Mould

Who Needs to Dream? Songtext

You plead with yourself / but he's leading you on
It's the same thing every time / every time
I am determined not to fall into that trap again
It's the things I need for myself / and not a way to validate

Or partner up with some great statue
That never moves or goes on dates
And chasing the one who's running away
While being chased by the one you don't want

It's the race to be whole / and it's always unfair
It'll break your heart for a while / break your heart for a while
The passion hoping wanting / is what drove you to be
What you are today / what you are today

The shape shifting, weightlifting
Hope the presentation will catch his eye
And it did, and then he saw the string
He grabbed it and leads you on your leash

You offered it up / so don't blame anyone but yourself
And just the moment you think / just at the moment you think
You're closing the deal / he walks to the other side of the world
And closes the door in your face

You never give me the things I need / and yet I stay here, I remain
Hoping you will see the things I need / but I've come to learn
You don't even see me / I am invisible to
You don't even see me / I am invisible

Who needs to dream?
I don't want to dream about the future
I only hope that I can make it to tomorrow

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